Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mumbling in Latin

Mumbling in Latin serves no purpose. Thus said Bishop Nogaro, upon canceling the planned mass from the 1962 Roman missal at the Shrine of St. Anne. The bishop wanted people to "pray properly", since "to mumble in Latin serves no purpose". Well, too bad the good bishop wasn't around for the benighted, past 1500 years of the church, when clergy went around "mumbling in Latin". He could have taught them all how to "pray properly". Only---what language would those proper prayers have been in? He would have had to translate them into dozens of different languages, probably hundreds of different dialects---I guess he would have been a pretty busy man! As the months stretched into years, he would have probably eventually exclaimed in frustration: this is taking too long! We need just one, agreed-upon language for the Church. My word---what a novel idea! I wonder what single language could fit that need...You can read about it here.

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